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Express Entry

Express entry
Express Entry - This is an immigration program designed to manage immigration applications for permanent residency in Canada. In this system, a special form for the candidate (profile) is filled out and considered according to one (or several) immigration programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker

  • Federal Skilled Trades

  • Canadian Experience Class or 

  • under any current provincial program (PNP).

Based on the point system (CRS), each candidate receives a rating. The highest-rated candidates will be allowed to apply for permanent residency status. This application may be accepted or rejected in accordance with the requirements of the selected program.

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Federal Skilled Worker

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) Program
This program is for professional workers with foreign work experience. It works as part of the Express Entry program. This allows you to carry out the entire process of immigration in a short time. The professional immigration program aims to attract people into the country who can quickly join the economic system of Canada and, based on their professional experience, contribute to its development.

There is a number of requirements to apply for this program. Compliance with these requirements is determined on the basis of the point system. In total, to submit an application you need to score at least 67 points.
Here is the basic list of criteria for evaluation:

  • Age

  • Level of knowledge of the language (English or French)

  • Education

  • Work Experience

  • Canadian job offer

  • Ability to adapt to life in Canada

In general, this is a rather complicated process, but we will help you go through it in the most effective and correct way.

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Federal Skilled Trades

Federal Skilled Trades (FST) 

This program is a part of the Express Entry program. It aims to attract professional workers with practical and training experience. In selected, fast-growing sectors of the economy, Canada lacks its own personnel. To eliminate this deficit, and create favorable conditions for economic growth, Canada is ready to accept the missing specialists for permanent residence.


To date, six working groups have been identified from the Natiolan Occupational Classification (NOC) list that meet the requirements of the FSTP program. The degree of compliance with FSTP requirements is determined on the basis of a point system.

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Canadian Experience Class 

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
This program runs as part of the Express Entry program. It provides an opportunity for foreigners who have had work experience in Canada for at least 12 months to obtain a permanent residence. In addition, the applicant has to meet certain requirements:

  • The work experience gained in Canada must be legal and meet the NOC qualification level for category: 0, A or B.

  • The level of knowledge of the language must meet the requirements of CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark)

  • Etc.

In addition to these requirements, problems of a criminal or medical nature may affect the successful application.

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Student - Worker - PR

Student - to Worker - to PR
If you are planning, studying, or graduating in Canada, we can offer you an immigration path Student - to Worker - to PR to obtain permanent resident (PR) status.
We divide your process of obtaining PR status into several stages:

  • Obtaining permission to study (Study Permit).

  • Obtaining a work permit (Work Permit).

  • Applying for PR status under the CEC (Canadian Experience Class) program.


We will monitor and provide legal and consulting support at every stage of this process.

Subject to certain conditions, the procedure for obtaining permanent resident status under the CEC program for students with work experience has a significant chance of success.

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Provincial Nominees

Provincial Nominees Program (PNP)

This program allows the provinces of Canada to help attract foreign professionals who meet certain requirements.

If the applicant receives a nomination from the province and meets the necessary requirements, he may receive 600 additional points to his application. The system for providing additional points, in this case, is called “Enhanced nominations”. 

There are over 70 PNP programs. They are in a constant process of changes and additions.

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Business Immigration

Business immigration
Canada is a country with a highly developed economy. It is based on the structure of small, medium, and large businesses. The presence of rich natural resources and a stable political system makes Canada one of the most attractive countries for immigration of entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners.
Canada is interested in attracting people who, due to their experience, can make a significant contribution to the country's economy.
Persons interested in business immigration to Canada can use the following programs and visas:

  • “Self-Employed Program” - This program is for those who, thanks to their accomplished achievements in science, art, and sports, can contribute to the development of these areas in Canada.

  • “Business Visitor Visa”  - A temporary stay visa for businessmen with investment goals and for the development of business relations.

  • “Entrepreneur Visa” - A program for entrepreneurs whose financial and professional capabilities will allow them to open their own business in Canada and successfully manage it.

  • “Investor Visa” - This program allows candidates, through direct investment in the Canadian economy, to get a chance at becoming a permanent resident of Canada.

  • “Start-Up Visa” - This program is a pilot programm and designed for entrepreneurs who are about to open their business in Canada. It allows the applicant to enter the private market of investors and business developers in Canada to create and successful management of a new enterprise. Subject to certain conditions (interest in the idea from investors, the financial solvency of the applicant, language skills, etc.), the applicant can obtain permanent status resident of Canada.

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