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Temporary Resident Visas

Temporary Resident Visas

Also very often is called a Tourist Visa or a Guest Visa, depending on the purpose of the visit. This visa is granted on the basis of compliance with all the criteria necessary to enter Canada. It provides an opportunity to appear before an immigration officer at the border but does not guarantee entry into the country. The final decision on the provision of temporary residence depends on the decision of the officer. The maximum stay for a visa of this type is up to six months and subsequently may be extended.

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Super Visas

Super Visa or Visa for Parents and Grandparents
This visa is for parents and grandparents of permanent residents of Canada (PR) or Canadian citizens. This visa is issued on the basis of proof of the relationship and the financial abilities of the Canadian host. One of the requirements of a Super Visa is the availability of insurance for parents and grandparents. This visa allows them to stay in Canada for up to 2 years, (unlike a regular visa) and can be extended.

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Study Permits/ Visas

Study Permit/ Visas

A study visa/permit provides foreign citizens with the opportunity to stay in the country for the purpose of studying. If the period of study is six months or more, it is necessary to obtain a study permit. There are certain requirements for obtaining a permit, for example, receiving a  “Standard Enrollment Letter” from an educational institution.

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Work Permits/Visas

Work Permit/ Visas
Work visas are granted to foreign citizens under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). Obtain the visa is only possible if the employer applies for the Market Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or the Labor Market Impact Assessment Exemption (LMIAE). Filing an application involves the submission of a large package of documents and compliance with the requirements for the employer.
In order to enter Canada in this case, a foreign citizen needs not only confirmation of the LMIA accepted, but also a work permit issued.

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Renewal/Restoration of status
If you are faced with the problem of extending or reinstating your stay in Canada, we will help you solve it. Based on our rich professional experience, we will efficiently and in due time carry out the whole process, without unnecessary stress for you.
We assist in the restoration/extension of the following documents:
• Visitor Status/Visitor Record 
• Study Permit
• Work permit
• Extension of stay in the country for parents and grandparents

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Your visa got refused what to do next?

You were denied a visa - What to do next?
A negative result when trying to obtain a visa to Canada often arises for several reasons. The most common ones are:

In the first case, due to lack of information and lack of experience in immigration and visa issues, clients have to learn from their own mistakes. This leads to a loss of time, and as a result refusal of a visa application. Experience is gained, but the situation has changed, and this experience becomes useless.

In the second case, the situation may be aggravated by the fact that unauthorized companies/persons, due to their incompetence, can ruin your immigration file (and the immigration history as a whole). The responsibility of such persons to you will be zero since there is simply no leverage on such companies. The purpose of these companies is mainly to receive money for beautiful promises and nothing more.

However, if you have already encountered the situations described above and received a refusal, then this is not a reason for despair. Our company has extensive practical experience in recovering damaged immigration files. We are making a formal request to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for complete information on your past applications. Our specialists will conduct a thorough analysis of the submitted documents and immigration forms, and determine the mistakes made. Next, we develop an individual strategy that will help us in the re-submission of your new application and increase your chances of success.

Clients with multiple denials often contact us. And in the vast majority of cases, we achieve positive results when submitting documents after our work.

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